Josh Groban: Worse Than Ever

Any of you watch the National Championship game last night? (That was the big confusing sporting even that prevented you girls from watching the big crossover event on Grey’s Anatomy.) To any of you who did, had you the pleasure of hearing Josh Groban sing the national anthem? As only a dumbass like Josh Groban can, he dropped a lame turd all over it. He did his best impression of an even-more-irritating-looking Nigel Thornberry doing an impression of the Giovanni Jones from Long-Haired Hare. Sorry, I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid. Point being, whoever chose to have that putz get up in front of the nation and sing the “Star Spangled Banner” like that needs to be reported… to somebody. Crickets.

Oh, and for some reason Flea was playing bass along with the band that played my grandparents’ engagement party. Icing on the really weird, bad cake.


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