Titus, Oh Titus

WordPress alerted this dirty hipster to the fact that my favorites, Titus Andronicus, had referenced my blog in a post of theirs. Gosh, what an honor. Is it possible to type out of key?

What I really want to say, though, is I’m impressed. Pretty ballsy to share such a shitty review with one’s fans. Also, those two new tracks of theirs, “Four Score and Seven (Parts 1 and 2)” are pretty rad. So, I’m going to give the fellers a chance. They’re hosting their release party at Bowery on March 6. I’ll be there. Last time I saw the band at Bowery they sucked – hard. This is one dirty hipster laying down the gauntlet; impress me! I’ll be whistling a different tune if you, well, can keep a tune.

Here’s a link to what they had to say about what I had to say about what they had played and how they had played it: Titus Andronicus Blog.

Oh, that Real Estate album still sucks, sorry guys. It’s boring and it’s wrought with poorly-written material. Take away the production and you’re left with a couple of jerks from Jersey who couldn’t write a riff if their Z-28 depended on it. Not that theirs need be riff rock, but come on, a little bounce, a little energy. It’s fucking suicide music! -DFH


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  1. styrofoamdrone Says:

    That’s better.

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