She & Him: Indie Darlings or A Joke on the World?

As I sit around, bored, on a slow Brooklyn night – one that is somehow reminiscent of a scene from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – I scour the internet for something to occupy my time. Following a rather haphazard trail through scattered music blogs and YouTube videos, I come across some footage of She & Him – you know, that adorable duo fronted by Zooey Deschanel (sha-wing)? I had never listened to them so I decided to familiarize myself. I’ll let you watch this music video, then I will let you know what I think of this act.

I’ll begin my assessment by posing a question to you, reader: do you remember the line in Fight Club when the narrator (Ed Norton’s character) tells the audience that he and Tyler have been stealing old, rich women’s fat and were selling it back to them in the form of soap? I think hipster might be buying their own recycled fat.

Was I put off because Zooey Deschanel (hubba hubba) is simply too familiar to me. I mean, I have seen Elf like 20 times. but, after browsing through a batch of songs and performances, I began to notice that, no, this wasn’t the case. I was put off because of how extraordinarily obvious it is to see the manufacturing process that must have gone into this “band.” I also began to wonder if Zooey Deschanel (addi addi addi) has been channeling Andy Kaufman and has been screwing with her audience for the past for the last four-or-so years. The songs are completely devoid of any honesty or earnestness. I’m not alone in finding that these songs sound like something written for Music and Lyrics or Crossroads am I?

If the above music video isn’t evidence that Zooey Deschanel (boo!) is either playing an elaborate joke or is sucking the life and soul out of an already-shallow musical/cultural(?) movement, than my name isn’t Dirty Fucking Hipster! Wait…

If you watch any of the duo’s live performances you’ll witness all the obligatory pieces and requisite accouterment of the perfect Indie band. Let’s lay those pieces out:

1. Cute, presumably intriguing frontwoman with pretty voice;
2. Minimalist guitar play;
3. Two chicks in the background not really doing much with Nord at their fingertips;
4. Very busy pocket drumming with a lot of Ringo-esque fills, and a lot of open hi-hat.
5. A sound that is some charming amalgam of the modern and outdated.

Lump on top of that a music video that looks as though someone spent a million dollars trying to make a video that looks like he/she got a friend to do it for free, and you’ve got a load of bullshit called She & Him. I don’t particularly even want to write about this anymore, it’s getting me rather irritated. Needless to say, this dirty hipster is not a big fan. What’s more, Zooey is no longer the Baberham Lincoln she once was. -DFH


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