A “Song” for Assholes

Typically, to be the sort of band who gets love on Stereogum, you’ve got to be either half-way decent or somewhat interesting. It’s rather rare that a band who simply sucks dick gets written up. But, perhaps the tide is changing. This might be the worst “music” I’ve ever heard in my life. I must have hit the “pause” button forty times, but it wouldn’t work, and I ended up listening to the whole thing. Bloody Panda, as they call themselves, are a group of six grown-ups who (purposefully?) try to make their music sound like a group of eighth graders starting their first band, assuming that they’re too damn cool and affected to take lessons. Fuck the establishment, right?! No, fuck you, Bloody Panda, and fuck you, Stereogum for endorsing this atrocity. I will be at Knitting Factory tomorrow night, and I will rip this band to shreds immediately afterwards.

(Blood Panda don’t get a link to their myspace, nor do they get a picture. They don’t deserve either.)

Here’s the article, if you have interest in ruining your day with some serious bullshit. http://stereogum.com/384671/bloody-panda-art-galleries-stereogum-premier/franchises/haunting-the-chapel/

NOTE: Wasn’t it Stereogum who was on the fence about the new MGMT? Maybe Stereogum just blows. -DFH


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