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One Helluva Gig

July 29, 2010

Jack White, perhaps the coolest musical figure of our generation (certainly up there with Andre 3000 and Prince, who may be the coolest musical figure of any generation), performed The Beatles’ classic “Mother Nature’s Son” at the White House. The task alone is impressive and threatening enough, but when the seating arrangement puts the leader of the free world and a knight directly at the performer’s feet, shit, even a professional as traveled and accomplished as Jack White’s got to get goosebumps. He, as expected, performed wonderfully, of course. Enjoy!

Jack White performs The Beatles’ “Mother Nature’s Son” at the White House. Aired on PBS, July 28, 2010

Brought to you by the Public Broadcasting Service, viewers like you and the letter “D,” for -DFH

Did You See the Fight Outside?!

July 28, 2010

Nothing to do with music, but everything to do with burritos. Fallen burritos. Burritos destroyed and forgotten.

Things to note before/as you are watching:

1) Men are more badass than women.

2) Listen to what the dude says at the very end of the clip, and imagine you’re the restaurant manager on duty that afternoon. How hard would you be rolling your eyes at this goon?

Also, wouldn’t it have been a lot cooler if it were more racially charged than it was? I heard a “nigga” in there somewhere, but nothing more volatile than that. -DFH


July 27, 2010

In an effort to both educate the hipster world and what is good and what is not, and to keep myself busy, this site will endeavor its first weekly feature. Every Tuesday we will feature something you simply need to hear or need to see in order to be properly fulfilled. Music being the particular focus of this site, most posts will be of the musical variety.

And so, on this day, Tuesday the 27th of July, 2010, the first installment of Tune In, brought to you by you friendly neighborhood Dirty Good for Nothing Sunuvabitch Hipster highlights one of the great musicians, one of the great characters and innovators of the 20th Century: the one and only Mr. Duane Allman. Enjoy, my fellow brokeass bohemians, enjoy! And, don’t forget, music comes from the soul. Music that comes from elsewhere is nothing more than simulacrum.

Whippin’ Post, live at The Fillmore East, 1970


Vivian Girls = Bad for Women’s Lib

July 22, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what the Powerpuff Girls would make a one of Bowie’s hardest Rock songs sound like? Well, look no further because this dirty motherfucking hipster has found it for you. It’s Vivian Girls covering “John, I’m Only Dancing.”

This kind of bullshit would have Susan B. Anthony rolling in her grave. “Yeah, we’ve got tattoos and look like tough biker chicks, but really we’re just bubbly little girls with bubbly little girl [lack of] attitude. We wanted to take this kick-ass Bowie song our mommies used to play on the record player and rip its balls off. How’d we do??? @DirtyFuckingHipster ;p”

You did great, girls. Just great! -DFH

The Bees: Like a Cooler Version of CS[N]Y

July 21, 2010

Grabbed this off Stereogum. It’s a really great track from a British band called The Bees. I’ve begun to hear their name circling a bit lately, but was surprised to find out that their upcoming album is their fourth. Well, anyway, enjoy this track; it’s very good.