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August 17, 2010

While this is a music blog, for this edition of TIT, this dirty motherfucking hipster has decided to share some non-musical, YouTube chatter with you all. It’s partially out of malaise and laziness and partially out of a desire to illustrate just how fucking fantastic the internet can be, and show the awesome comedic potential that useless video-garbage has. Enjoy!

Reminds me of home

Mr. Dodson has some pretty killer rhythm and timing

Schizophrenic word salad sure can be funny. Do you like space?

Good for a few laughs, no? -DFH

Kanye Gets Artsy, or, New Adventures in Hi-Fi (Not by REM)

August 5, 2010

Yesterday, when I discovered this video, there were 341 views on YouTube. Today, of course, it seems to be old news with over 50,000. No matter, this is something you’ve got to see. Would be a lot cooler if someone I liked more than Kanye were involved in this project, but I will nevertheless keep the name Marco Brambilla in the ol’ memory bank. This dirty hipster recommends you do the same.

“From Civilization to Power” by Marco Brambilla”

It’s not very often that an art form finds itself completely original and eye-opening, but Mr. Brambilla seems to have created something new – and it’s beautiful. -DFH

One Helluva Gig

July 29, 2010

Jack White, perhaps the coolest musical figure of our generation (certainly up there with Andre 3000 and Prince, who may be the coolest musical figure of any generation), performed The Beatles’ classic “Mother Nature’s Son” at the White House. The task alone is impressive and threatening enough, but when the seating arrangement puts the leader of the free world and a knight directly at the performer’s feet, shit, even a professional as traveled and accomplished as Jack White’s got to get goosebumps. He, as expected, performed wonderfully, of course. Enjoy!

Jack White performs The Beatles’ “Mother Nature’s Son” at the White House. Aired on PBS, July 28, 2010

Brought to you by the Public Broadcasting Service, viewers like you and the letter “D,” for -DFH

Did You See the Fight Outside?!

July 28, 2010

Nothing to do with music, but everything to do with burritos. Fallen burritos. Burritos destroyed and forgotten.

Things to note before/as you are watching:

1) Men are more badass than women.

2) Listen to what the dude says at the very end of the clip, and imagine you’re the restaurant manager on duty that afternoon. How hard would you be rolling your eyes at this goon?

Also, wouldn’t it have been a lot cooler if it were more racially charged than it was? I heard a “nigga” in there somewhere, but nothing more volatile than that. -DFH

‘I Know, I Know,’ or, ‘Such Thing as Too Much? No.’

June 25, 2010

I post this with the awareness that is on the brink of becoming a Hank & Cupcakes fanpage, and it don’t seem to bother me none.

I happened to be shuffling through Union Square Park yesterday because it’s pleasant to be outside surrounded by concrete when the temperature reaches 140, when I came across a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. He was setting up drum mics on a stage that had been built in the square and I asked him who was playing. “Uh, Hank and the Cupcakes, or something?” Must say, was not a very big surprise, after all, this event was sponsored by Best Buy where the dynamic duo had played several months earlier. And, shit, they seem to play once a week, and somehow garner bigger and bigger crowds each time.

This dirty, sweating, heaving fucking hipster wiped the hair from his burning eyes as he entered the square from the southeast corner to see the silhouette of about 100 people standing or sitting on the steps observing the band playing their initial single, “Pleasure Town.” As the show carried on and picked up momentum, a momentum that could be deciphered from Cupcake’s cheeks, which grew from pink to red in the beating summer sun, the crowd multiplied steadily throughout the set until nearly the entire southern quarter was packed full of children dancing, grown men crying (for real, dawg, for real) and cell phone snapshots going off every ten seconds.

This was certainly the biggest crowd I had seen the band play in front of. On a sweltering New York summer day Cupcakes was the only thing in the universe shining brighter than the fat old sun, and right there with her, playing flawlessly and sliding gracefully around the stage with her as always was Hank, the perfect Edith to her Archie. Whether it was a ballad or a banger, I felt as though I saw hundreds of New Yorkers all falling in love at the same time, and it was a very special site. I couldn’t help but wonder to myself what it would be like to be the band’s William Miller on their first national tour, but for that I’d have to give up my secret identity. Might be worth it. -DFH

PS – The band just released a video for their cover of Joy Division’s “She’s Lost Control.” It’s pretty damn good. Check it.

Out with the Old, In with the Not-So-New

June 17, 2010

As the scope and pervasive nature of the internet have increased to a profoundly (overly-?)integrated level we begin to see its direct impact on our music, and, specifically, our musical recordings. A post I came upon earlier today on Stereogum points to a band who seem to be taking full advantage of the rather forgiving (I think that’s a proper adjective to describe what I’m getting at) nature of the music distribution database that is the interweb.


There appears to be a new Brooklyn band on the scene. They’re called Minks, and their tunes are alright. But it’s their production that stands out. It seems to this dirty fucking hipster that the band may not be in possession of a microphone and have recorded their tracks straight into a computer, likely a 13″ MacBook from 2007, the ought’s version of the StarTac. While many purists may reject this method as “improper recording technique,” this opinionated fucking hipster digs it. If the public isn’t going to pay for their music – and they’re not, get over yourselves, majors and distributors – why the fuck should the band pay for it?

It would be great to see this become a common trend. And it’s not a middle finger to the music-consuming public, but, rather, a shake of the hand. “You’ve got yourselves a deal, fans. NOBODY pays for music now!” This, of course, comes with the caveat that if a listener would like to hear what the music actually sounds like, he or she will have to shell out 6-10 bucks to catch a live show. Ain’t that the way it oughta be?

As a hipster it is my duty to both scrutinize and defend my hipster culture. Too many folks take the easy route and point at the artificial nature of the clothing and the quintessential lethargic attitude towards professional and economic progress that rests at the core of hipsterdom, but not enough are pointing out its merits. If nothing else, it certainly endorses an ethic of open critique and investigation, particularly into the arts, and particularly into music. Like Dylan said, and I’m paraphrasing here, a song can’t change the world, but rather, acts as a mirror and bluntly illustrates that which already exists but may go unnoticed. The term P2P was invented, what, 20 years ago? But it isn’t until this very moment that mankind has spent the appropriate time – about one generation – living in a P2P world to have the full realization of its affects on natural cultural reproduction. Kudos, Minks. Let’s just hope that you bring it live, otherwise it may all be for nought. -DFH

The Kindness of Strangers

May 26, 2010

Every now and again something happens that puts a big ol’ smile on this dirty fucking hipster’s face. Recently, more and more of these smiles have been entreated by my favorite Israeli-born Indie duo, Hank & Cupcakes. This coming Tuesday, June 1st, the band will be at Mercury Lounge as part of a concert they have arranged to support a fellow scene-blog, Beyond Race Magazine. Like so many others, BRM has fallen on difficult financial times, so, since they have proven to not only be a hip journal that shows love for our talented NYC musicians, but have also proven to be good people, H & C have put together this benefit show. A benefit show that this dirty hipster fully endorses.

They’ve also made a promo vid with tits, really nice tits, in it. Maybe we’ll see tits at the show?!

Some very cool t-shirt (again, incorporating boobies) have been designed by Seasick Mama, and are available both on the Seasick Mama website and will be sold at the show. “The Plastic Shopkeeper,” Alan Lugo, will be distributing prints of his fantastic photography, included in said collection are shots of the evening’s hosts. Danny Ross, another rising NYC star, will be the opening act, and he’s sure as hell worth checking out. Amongst all the Indie brotherhood, an international big-shot has stepped in to join the good cause. Converse will be there, and will be raffling off some of their hot new styles. All you sneaker geeks best get your tickets. And, shit, it’s a Hank & Cupcakes concert! You never know who will show up, but you do know you’re getting to see one of the very best acts this beautiful, ever-warming city has to offer. I’ll be there, for sure. -DFH

Live Review: CitizenMusic Presents “The Theatre Shows”

March 21, 2010

I got this email from the guy who runs CitizenMusic [Presents] inviting me to something they put together called “The Theatre Shows.” Wouldn’t you know that this dirty fucking hipster was one sick dog this whole week? Fuck. Couldn’t get to Titus Andronicus – and everyone who reads this blog knows how much I wanted to post something overly-malicious about their performance – nor could I get to see one of my favorite bands in town, Black Taxi who were headlining the three nights of The Theatre Shows. Whoever these CitizenMusic folks are, they sure have their hands in some killer shit. I’ve been holding onto a review I wrote of one of their bands, The Shake, for well over a month now because their manager doesn’t think it’s “the right time to release a review.” Usually I’d say he was just another industry pig, but through several months of correspondence I’ve gotten to know him as a pretty good dude with good taste. Anyway, this paragraph is way too long already, I’ve just got to stop.

As fortune would have it, I was sent these reviews from Meijin Bruttomesso at The Deli Mag. She reviewed the shows, and now I’m sharing those reviews with you. I’m also kicking myself for not loading up on Vitamin Q and getting my dumb ass to these shows; seems as though they were pretty damn good. Fuck me.

The Theatre Shows: “Masquerade Ball”
Old Wives, The Shake, and Black Taxi, Live at The Players Theatre

Black Taxi Headlines All 3 Nights at The Theatre Shows

Black Taxi Headlines All 3 Nights at The Theatre Shows

On March 4, Greenwich Village’s Players Theatre bustled with feathers, masks, and glitter, for the “Masquerade Ball,” the first of CitizenMusic’s Theatre Shows. Verona, New Jersey’s Old Wives, a jazzy, funky, and soulful quintet, brought swing and sway to the sold-out venue with bluesy jams and a swanky sass. Although seating was available, the audience could not be restrained, especially when The Shake appeared. Masked and made-up, the four New Yorkers blasted through an explosive set, accompanied by confetti cannons, unstoppable noise-makers, and a slinky dancer, armed with flashlights for their final “Got No Soul.”

The Shake at The Theatre Shows: Night One - Masquerade Party

The Shake at The Theatre Shows: Night One - Masquerade Party

Closing opening night, Brooklyn’s Black Taxi energized the audience to a climax, as masqueraders, whether first-timers or devout fans, formed a fire-hazard in the aisles, dancing to newly debuted tunes as well as released favorites. The three exceptional bands joined center stage for a full-cast bow, and despite some sound kinks, expected from first-night jitters, the music set the bar high for the two subsequent shows.

The Masquerade Party

The Masquerade Party

The Theatre Shows: “Prohibition Night”
Black Taxi, Apollo Run, and Milo and the Fuzz, Live at The Players Theater

Prohibition Night

Prohibition Night

The second of the three Theatre Shows, “Prohibition Night” commenced copacetically with the bees’ knees, Black Taxi. Due to the previous evening’s wild festivities, the joint encouraged dames and daddies to stay nearby their seats, but rules at a rock show proved baloney. The four Black Taxi members promenaded down the aisle with guitar and tambourine in hand, and flasks in pocket, before stepping on stage for an electrifying set that naturally brought flappers and bootleggers out of their seats and into the pit. Apollo Run, donning fedoras and suspenders, captivated with their impressive vocal range and nuance, and powerful lead keyboard. At the end of their set, the trio mingled with the audience and mounted the arms of the theater seats to serenade the front rows. Last but not least, Milo and the Fuzz, another band of three cool cats, played with a confidence beyond their age and put on the Ritz, wrapping up night two with a swell performance.

Prohibition Night - Milo & The Fuzz

Prohibition Night - Milo & The Fuzz

The Theatre Shows Night Three: “Post-Modern (PoMo) Night”
New Madrid, Toy Soldiers, and Black Taxi, Live at The Players Theater

The finale of the series on March 6, “PoMo Night,” featured an anything-goes, get-creative theme, that encouraged outfits which would normally not leave the house. First up, New Madrid, cleverly fusing Spanish and English lyrics performed with an intensity that surpassed the sound of three, and engaged the bizarrely dressed crowd with adrenaline-infused rock. During “La Araña,” the band even tossed out creepy crawly souvenir spiders.

PoMo Night - New Madrid

PoMo Night - New Madrid

Toy Soldiers, out-of-towners from Philadelphia, brought a classic, rootsy vibe and a standout brass section that left listeners swooning. Still standing after two raucous shows in a row, Black Taxi amped up the pace with perfected sound, riling up the off-runway-styled audience that demanded multiple encores. As the imaginary curtain closed and reopened, the leading men from the bands throughout the weekend reunited for one more celebratory bow before an exeunt omnes. The Theatre Shows’ all-around success promises a repeat of the event and proves that New York is home to pre-eminent music and original acts.

The bands take a bow together

The bands take a bow together

-Meijin Bruttomesso

Titus, Oh Titus

January 22, 2010

WordPress alerted this dirty hipster to the fact that my favorites, Titus Andronicus, had referenced my blog in a post of theirs. Gosh, what an honor. Is it possible to type out of key?

What I really want to say, though, is I’m impressed. Pretty ballsy to share such a shitty review with one’s fans. Also, those two new tracks of theirs, “Four Score and Seven (Parts 1 and 2)” are pretty rad. So, I’m going to give the fellers a chance. They’re hosting their release party at Bowery on March 6. I’ll be there. Last time I saw the band at Bowery they sucked – hard. This is one dirty hipster laying down the gauntlet; impress me! I’ll be whistling a different tune if you, well, can keep a tune.

Here’s a link to what they had to say about what I had to say about what they had played and how they had played it: Titus Andronicus Blog.

Oh, that Real Estate album still sucks, sorry guys. It’s boring and it’s wrought with poorly-written material. Take away the production and you’re left with a couple of jerks from Jersey who couldn’t write a riff if their Z-28 depended on it. Not that theirs need be riff rock, but come on, a little bounce, a little energy. It’s fucking suicide music! -DFH

Death Cab Crashes

January 16, 2010

Here’s a link to a clip of Death Cab For Cutie at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on January 15. This is about as bad a cover as you’ll see/hear.


GIBBARD: “Can I get some autotune in the mic, and can you drop me an octave so I don’t sound like a bitch?”

SOUND-GUY: “No, sorry. You’ll just have to let everyone hear how much you suck.”