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Arcade Fire: Sold and Re-Sold

September 2, 2010

Never was a big Arcade Fire fan. Then they had Terry Gilliam direct an online live webcast of their sold-out concert at MSG. Not that I give a shit about the director of Teen Wolf 2, but the production of that concert was top-notch. Fortunately for the band, the concert itself was also terrific. Following that, I was sold. Arcade Fire are certainly among those brave, adventurous modern bands that are both doing something new while keeping it accessible and attractive enough to invite new people in.

Then I caught wind of their latest music video. You want to talk about pushing the envelope. Consider it pushed. And consider this dirty fucking hipster re-sold.

Do your bored self a favor and check it out here:

Arcade Fire have achieved a seamless integration between their band, the band’s music and the technology that exists around them. The sort of integration that had previously not existed; not within music, not within art on the whole, and not within any brand or other commercial outlet. They are certainly carrying the torch for the internet generation, and proving what good, what creative good can be made of the web. This lazy hipster is certainly impressed, perhaps even motivated? Well, we’ll see…

If you didn’t at least deeply appreciate that video, stop reading this blog, you’re a mental case and I have no use for your eyes. -DFH