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August 10, 2010

This is the definition of “In yo face, son!” Don’t know exactly why this strange, Twain-like character decided that the best time for him to showcase his slide guitar skills (or, apparent lack there of) was during a Derek Trucks concert. But, to each his own misery, right? Enjoy!

Derek Trucks Band

At the 2:05 mark, one can see the face and body of a truly and completely bamboozled man. I’ll give you a hint who it is: it’s not Derek Trucks. -DFH

Maybe the Two Best Tracks of 2009

January 3, 2010

This dirty hipster has spent the bulk of his adult life trying to sort which music he likes and doesn’t like. At a certain point in 2009 he noticed that his increasingly-stringent filtering process seemed to be limiting his taste rather than cultivating it. So, at the behest of some close and trusted friends, he loosed the chains and allowed new types of music to engage his pallet. With so much effort put into denying that anything created with anything other than a guitar and a blues-based progression could merit remark, it was a difficult transition but; it was ultimately a fruitful one. Being sure to concentrate on songwriting, arrangement and a level of intelligence in newer, poppier, more electronic tracks, this dirty, dirty hipster found two tracks that he’d be sure to have with him on a desert island.

LADY GAGA’S “BAD ROMANCE” – The world’s guilty pleasure is actually a terrific Rock song

YEASAYER’S “AMBLING ALP” – Finally, a song that invokes the sound of the 80’s in a non-faggy, non-lame(MGMT) way