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“Fuck You!”

August 27, 2010

Dude, it’s Cee Lo. That means it’s good. Though I be a straight man, with how awesome this guy is, I have to admit that I kind of want to see his rod. I imagine it being really, really fucking cool. This this:

Cee Lo’s latest single

Bueno? -DFH

New Music Video from St. Vincent

August 4, 2010

Annie Clark is the type of chick any hipster would love to date and dump, and then regret having done either. She is also an extraordinary talent, a true student of music and a very good songwriter. She reminds this dirty fucking hipster a bit of Edie Brickell, if Edie Brickell were more stylish.

St. Vincent’s single, “Jesus Saves, I Spend.” Video by Andy Bruntel.

Great video. -DFH

New Single from Suckers

March 26, 2010

The new single from NYC indie stars Suckers, “Black Sheep,” is, um, alright. There’s something interesting, something that keeps me wanting to listen to it again, but there’s also something flat about it. Well, maybe you should decide for yourself.
\"Black Sheep\" by Suckers